Letter: Ready to agree on a standard time



We are getting ready to return to daylight saving time. The first time I can remember doing this was during World War II. At that time my dad explained to me that it would give manufacturing and especially the shipbuilders more daylight to work with. In those days an eight-hour day and a 40-hour workweek was the norm so changing the clocks might have helped. Now some workers get flex time and a lot of companies do not furnish 40 hours of work in a week to their employees.

My question is why do we still do this clock manipulation? It's expensive for any company running 24/7 shift work and it's hard on us older people as it's like trying to get over jet lag twice a year. The only thing that makes sense to me is someone is making money over these clock changes.

Let's get this time thing stopped.

Dean Ickes