Letter: Engaging in war skyrocketed debt



In response to Chuck Miller’s March 3 letter “Spend & borrow is Dems’ mantra,” Miller has a selective memory about how our national debt became so outrageously high. Miller forgets that the Bush-Cheney administration started two wars and paid for them by putting the debt on the nation’s credit card. Past wars were paid with war bonds and/or increased taxes. But Bush-Cheney decided to help their rich friends instead by giving tax breaks to the 1 percent while at the same time fighting two wars. This is exactly how our nation’s debt grew so large.

I have to hand it to the “spend and borrow for war” Republicans for mastering the art of the bait and switch. They divert the public’s attention from the costs of war by pointing at the poor and defenseless people who are on welfare. Republicans make it sound like we are spending all our money on the poor when in fact the amount spent on war and weapons systems is vastly greater. We can spend billions on a fighter jet that doesn’t work right and the Republicans say nary a word.

The Republican Party is the party of spend and borrow and bait and switch. Six large corporations control much of the national media, which aid and abet in this game.

Maynard Mohn