Letter: Closures diminish ADA access



Ever catch yourself saying "the government is going to do what the government wants to do?" It will if you keep silent. Silence is what happened to the forest road going up to Silver Star Mountain. Many years ago, the disabled lost the ability to travel to this majestic mountain peak with the closure of the road to motorized vehicles. The disabled are again facing the loss of motorized vehicle access in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. There are plans for closing or decommissioning many forest roads, with no forethought of the impact these closures will have on the disabled.

Past practice of forest road closures in the Gifford Pinchot has been discrimination to the disabled. Just as anyone else, the disabled should have equality of accessibility to our beautiful national forest roads without barriers to motorized vehicles.

Speak up for motorized vehicle accessibility for the disabled throughout the Gifford Pinchot. Attend the March 18 public meeting, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Gifford Pinchot headquarters, 10600 N.E. 51st Circle, Vancouver. Take the Road Analysis Survey and tell them there should be equal access for the disabled by keeping roads open and without barriers to motorized vehicles within the Gifford Pinchot: http://bit.ly/1qtMJNm.

Cheryl Brantley