Letter: Work to stem trashing of parks



Ridgefield community members want to take early morning walks, children want to play on playgrounds. School sporting events require proper fields and equipment. What's happening at the parks late at night?

On Feb. 13, the Ridgefield City Council held a meeting discussing the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan update. The purpose is to expand the recreational area and parks to attract future residents. The plan draft will take six years to complete and cost approximately $35 million to rebuild and improve existing parks, Ninety-five percent of those who were surveyed stated that the maintenance of the parks was a high priority.

There is nothing to prevent children from vandalizing the parks, roaming the neighborhood past curfew or engaging in negative activities. The community suggests focusing on the maintenance of the parks but when the parks aren't watched overnight and children are running loose, destruction will occur.

To prevent unlawful activities, parks and trails need to be monitored at all times. Keeping up on maintenance, and adding patrols, gates, and security will benefit the community. Parents can encourage a better community by getting involved, responding to the surveys and monitoring where their children are going.

Kimberly Hanna