Letter: Many can get along with I-5 Bridge



I'm also disgusted with the situation about the Interstate 5 Bridge. However, my take is different than Charles Van Amerongen's March 8 letter, "Pay up or stop complaining." The voters don't have a problem with building a new bridge. Our disagreement is that light rail was put forth in the plan even though the voters resoundingly defeated a proposed light-rail plan. To think that our elected officials deliberately ignored the will of the voting majority on more than one occasion is disgusting.

Until Portland fixes the Delta Park-and-beyond traffic jams, the greatest new bridge in the world will not improve the traffic problems on the I-5 Bridge.

Since many of us live on the east side of Vancouver, we can get to parts of Portland quicker by using the Interstate 205 bridge than by driving to downtown Vancouver for light rail.

I take exception to Van Amerongen's statement "another ugly bridge like the I-205 bridge." Have you ever truly looked at it? I so admire the designers and builders. The pillars, curves, changing of elevation, width. It is a beautiful structure, one that moves traffic along. Seeing the I-205 bridge from the air makes one marvel at its design. It is a bridge of which I'm most proud.

Ruthie Westlund