Letter: Oil not worth risking environment



Companies Tesoro and Savage plan to spend millions on an oil terminal on 42 acres at the Port of Vancouver that will transport crude oil to refineries in California and Washington. The Columbian reports that overall the new terminal will devise 120 new, lasting jobs. But the risks outweigh the benefits by far, and the environmental impact is much too great to overlook for a few jobs. In the event of a train failure and oil explosion or spill the Columbia River could be contaminated with crude, harmful oil. Recently in Quebec, 47 lives were lost and drinking water contaminated when crude-oil tanks exploded while traveling by train. These disasters could be repeated here, and raise concern about the safety of the beautiful environment we call home.

I urge all to spread the word to friends and family to oppose the oil terminal in Vancouver. By encouraging discussion on the topic, we will show how the Northwest considers our habitat an opportunity that our children should be able to experience while protecting our fragile ecosystem.

Cari Dean