Nike gets approval to build 160-feet-tall buildings



PORTLAND — Nike wants to build up.

The sportswear giant on Tuesday received approval from the Washington County Board of Commissioners to build as many as four 160-feet tall buildings on its campus near Beaverton.

The Nike campus, including the Jenkins woods, spans 250 acres, said Julia Brim-Edwards, senior director of global strategy and operations at Nike. The company wants to build new office buildings in the northeastern part of its campus. The buildings will have tall ceilings to allow for a lot of natural light and will be energy-efficient, Brim-Edwards said.

The county basically divided the Nike campus into two subareas with different building height requirements: the northeastern corner of the campus, spanning 33 acres, can have as many as four buildings that are up to 160 feet tall. On the rest of the campus, buildings can go as high as 110 feet.-- The Oregonian