Letter: Efforts fall short in mudslide’s wake



In regards to the recent and tragic mudslide in Oso, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I send heartfelt condolences to those whose losses are now confirmed, and prayers for others awaiting word of the whereabouts of beloved family and friends.

What I find very disturbing is what I’ve read in the March 26 story “More bodies discovered in mudslide.” When asked about its 1999 report on the landslide area by a geomorphologist, Patricia Graesser, a spokeswoman for the Army Corps of Engineers in Seattle, stated, “We don’t have jurisdiction to do anything. We don’t do zoning. That’s a local responsibility,” passing the buck to the Snohomish County Emergency Management, which claimed in another newspaper report that “We did everything we could.”

Whatever those government departments may have done obviously wasn’t enough with lives now lost because of it.

Bob Wharton