Letter: Basic maintenance neglected



I am angry at what I read in the news lately.

In the April 20 story “City attorneys lead way in pay increases,” it was reported that in 12 months, a Vancouver assistant city attorney’s salary increased by 47 percent.

On April 25, we were informed that the mayor and city councilors approved a raise for themselves. Apparently they agreed that the city’s finances have improved.

There seems to be a paradox here. I called the city’s maintenance department requesting some much-needed maintenance on the median on McGillivray Boulevard that is being overtaken with weeds and in need of pruning. I was told that their staff had been cut in half and it could be up to two years before they could tend to the problem.

It seems that there is no money for basic services.

While we worker bees (taxpayers) are providing the top echelon questionable raises from our tax dollars, we are being denied basic services. Isn’t that biting the hand that feeds you?

The city is using our tax dollars at their discretion and obviously does not care how this city looks.

It has been said that visitors from other cities are commenting that our city looks run down. Where is the pride that this city once had?

Is it just what’s in your wallet that matters?

Joan Tyrrell