Letter: Lifestyle prompts reasons for alarm



I disagree with Troy Haliwell when he stated in his April 23 letter, “Gay marriage fears unfounded,” that “no societal ills have happened” because of gay marriage. Gay marriage, indeed the homosexual lifestyle, has brought cause for alarm.

An organization called B4U-Act defines pedophilia as “minor-attracted people,” as a sexual orientation in the same way homosexuality was defined in the 1970s. This organizations’ purpose is to “help” mental health professionals learn more about people with attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear of pedophiles.

In 2010, two Canadian psychologists declared that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, the same as homosexuality. Pedophilia and child molestation are viewed differently by professionals. They define pedophilia as an “adult psychological disorder characterized by preference for prepubescent children as sexual partners” and this urge may or may not be acted upon, whereas child molestation is “actions taken by the perpetrator.” By this definition, a pedophile has not broken any laws since he hasn’t engaged in sex acts with children. So when no laws are broken, when pedophilia is declared a “sexual orientation,” when a pedophile applies for a job working with children, he would not be turned down because of his sexual orientation or hello lawsuit.

There is no scientific evidence that homosexuality or pedophilia is inborn.

Carrie Ross