Local food co-op board welcomes nominations



The Vancouver Food Co-op, a downtown nonprofit grocery store emphasizing local, healthy foods, is looking for volunteers interested in running for its board of directors in June. Directors must be members of the co-op and willing to devote time monthly to board meetings and co-op business.

Especially welcome are people with experience running small businesses. Board terms are one, two or three years — to be determined after positions are filled, according to spokesman Peter Fels.

While dates are still tentative, an annual meeting will likely be held on June 1 — at a place yet to be determined — where potential candidates will make presentations and a final slate of candidates will be firmed up. After that meeting, ballots will be mailed to members. Mail-in voting will probably be open for most of June.

Currently, Fels said, there are seven director positions, but more could be created if there’s lots of interest. Four board members are likely staying, and three resignations are expected, he said.

While owned and operated by members, the co-op store is open to the public at 1002 Main St.For more information contact Peter Fels, 360-694-4530, or Tom Miewald, 971-998-8966.