Driver suspended over hot school bus report



A bus driver for Silver Star Elementary in the Evergreen Public Schools system has been temporarily suspended while school officials investigate a report of the driver’s not allowing students to open bus windows on the bus ride after school Wednesday, when temperatures reached 84 degrees by 2 p.m. and the bus interior became hot.

The roof vents were open.

Angry parents complained that their children arrived home hot and sweating.

“The safety and health of our students is extremely important, and we take any report of unsafe actions of our employees very seriously,” said Gail Spolar, district spokeswoman.

Spolar said the district has procedures that align with state laws about student safety on school buses.

“In the case of drivers of elementary buses, they are advised to pre-set the windows prior to children boarding, since the windows can be heavy and awkward for children to open and pull down,” Spolar said.