Letter: Celebrity noise disturbs real issues



In response to teen Alana Scott’s May 5 letter “Remember, idols are just people,” on pop culture idols as just people who sometimes make mistakes, she makes some good points. We are a culture “that has formed circles around celebrities, and not the things that matter” to a large degree.

While we have made good progress on addressing bullying, intolerance and exclusivity, we have also made mainstream TV programming a continuing post-high school popularity contest. Shows such as “The Apprentice,” “Dancing With the Stars,” “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” “Survivor,” and “Shark Tank” are all based on an exclusivity format — selecting out and voting people off the island.

Yes, paparazzi do contribute to some problems. And in today’s hyper-connected world, pop culture figures have increased scrutiny. When celebrities make a mistake or say something clumsy, it becomes instant fodder for the media and we all have to hear about it incessantly until a bigger story comes along.

Deanna Sullivan