Letter: Who is spinning Benghazi?




In his May 13 letter, “Emails reveal prepared spin,” Wayne Mayo asks us to read an email available on the Fox News website from Benjamin Rhodes (apparently a state department-connected person) and he concludes that the free press isn’t doing its job in reporting events so that Hillary Clinton’s reputation is not sullied. After reading that email, I conclude that Mayo and Fox News are very familiar with spinning news. Further, Fox News must not be a part of the free press.

I was shocked to learn that the White House has a press office that tries to formulate a view of current events favorable to the president’s actions and views. Apparently, this has been going on for quite some time.

The email discusses the Arab spring, unrest in Muslim countries; Egypt, Yemen, Turkey; over-Internet videos; and American- Israeli relationship vis-a-vis Iran. Less than 5 percent of the email directly mentions Benghazi. It denies prior knowledge of an imminent attack and says the attack may have arisen from the unrest around an Internet video.

Does any of this count as news more than a year-and-a-half after the event and the many inquiries that have occupied Congress? Is it possible that politics is why we are still hearing about Benghazi? Do bears sit in the woods?

David Fleming