Letter: Earnest discourse is best policy



The subject of Lou Brancaccio’s May 17 column, “The M&M boys and Benton. Oh my!,” really struck a nerve with me.

Having come from California some three years ago where I was involved in the local political situation in Santa Clara County, I never cease to be amazed at the small-mindedness of our county politicos. It appears that for whatever reason our public are content to put up with crookedness, cronyism and downright lies from our Clark County commissioners.

To wit, when Brancaccio asked Don Benton if the soon-to-be-passed newspaper tax was an assault on The Columbian and what possible way newspapers play any sort of role in stormwater pollution, twice Benton refused to answer. To quote, Brancaccio, “Is this the way you treat residents of Clark County? Ignore them?”

Open comment to the citizens of Clark County, regardless of party affiliation. Let’s remove the M&M boys and Benton from office. Let us return Clark County to a good government program.

Rick Caton