Man wounded by arrow in hunting accident



A hunter accidentally stabbed himself with an arrow Tuesday afternoon while hiking in the Pinto Rock area of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, according to the Volcano Rescue Team.

The man was walking through steep, rough terrain when an arrow fell out of his quiver and somehow pierced his calf muscle. A fellow hunter hiked out to find cellphone service and reported the injury to 911 shortly after 2 p.m.

While the Volcano Rescue Team began hiking out to the injured hunter, it became obvious that the rugged terrain about 14 miles northeast of Mount St. Helens in Skamania County would make it difficult to get the man out of the area and into an ambulance, said North Country EMS Chief Ben Peeler.

A King County helicopter flew the man out of the forested area and delivered him to an ambulance for transport to a local hospital. Peeler was not sure which hospital the man went to or how severe his injury was. His name was not available.