Era of Boppin’ Bo’s to end Sunday



Vancouver Plaza — Larry and Betty Bowman opened their nostalgic 1950s-style diner, Boppin’ Bo’s Malt Shop and Grill, after 9/11 because they wanted to reassure a rattled America with memories of simpler, easier era: “A time when children played hopscotch and jump rope, spent Saturday mornings watching ‘The Lone Ranger’ and got in a quick game of hide-and-seek before supper. It was a time when … icons like Elvis, Marilyn, Chuck Berry, Willie Mays and Lucy … gave us a feeling of hope and optimism,” the Bowmans wrote in a recent statement. Alas, the Bowmans have announced the closure of Boppin’ Bo’s. Your last opportunity to savor one of those old-fashioned chocolate malts will be Sunday.