Letter: Connect the dots



I have to comment after reading Lou Brancaccio’s Aug. 23 column “The east county bridge mystery” about Clark County Commissioner David Madore and FIGG Engineering Group. When I saw that Madore had picked FIGG Engineering Group for the bridge study, I immediately Googled FIGG. Not to my surprise, FIGG has built more than a few solar power collecting installations. Madore made his money with a gadget that is basic to the success of any such installation. Aha, the connection is revealed to me.

I have never heard of any large or small solar energy installation that was not taxpayer-subsidized. Note that the taxpayer will eventually pay for any and all highway construction. This deal has had an odor ever since FIGG entered the picture. If the people at The Columbian would put down the coffee mugs and doughnuts, this could have been pointed out at the time. The real kicker, however, is all of the politicos that The Columbian has supported blindly are now fighting with the same amount of blindness.

Thomas R. Carney