Letter: Sentencing guidelines restrictive



I remember as a child learning that crime doesn’t pay. From the Aug. 28 story “Masons treasurer pleads guilty to ID theft,” about the treasurer embezzling nearly $800,000 from the Vancouver Masonic Temple, I guess that’s conditional.

He faces a sentence of 33 months to 43 months, so if he is sentenced to three years in jail, he has earned $266,266.00 a year.

The story says he is planning on paying restitution. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Masons ever see a dime of it.

We need to look at sentencing guidelines. This offender didn’t do this once; he did it over a period of time. I can almost understand a person who does something like this as a one-time act of desperation, but continued victimization of a group of community-minded people is unforgivable.

Mathew Hoffstetter