Ethereal Meads adds spice to county’s wine scene



BATTLE GROUND — This month, Battle Ground became home to Clark County’s first meadery. Ethereal Meads makes a wine made from fermented honey and water and infused with regional fruits.

So far, Ethereal has two products: Autumn Mist, a spiced-apple mead, and Ruby Sunset, a strawberry-cranberry mead. Each is made with blackberry flower honey and Pacific Northwest fruits and juices.

Gary Gross, the company’s owner and meadmaker, said in a statement that he’s excited about the product because it stands apart from the rest of Clark County’s beer and wine scene.

“Fermenting the honey with different fruits and spices makes the possibilities for mead limitless,” Gross said. “These two meads are just the beginning of great, approachable meads in the classic style from Ethereal Meads.”

Gross held a product launch of his new meads this weekend at By the Bottle in downtown Vancouver and a few other shops. For more information, visit