Weather Eye: Expect morning clouds, sunny afternoons through weekend




On this last day of April, I bring you greetings from the weather page. The atmosphere will also contribute to a happy day as skies slowly clear and sunshine is with us later in the day.

High pressure holds just enough to bring us fair weather through the weekend. We will see morning low clouds and sunny afternoons each day. Highs will be above normal, near 70 degrees, depending on when skies clear. This is a June weather pattern not so common to April early May.

If you venture to the ocean beaches, it will be pleasant there, as well, but those afternoon sea breezes will kick in, making that sweatshirt feeling just right.

Monday’s high of 81 degrees in Vancouver was the warmest so far this year and edged out the 80-degree high the Monday before that. I don’t foresee a repeat next Monday.

It appears Vancouver will end up about 1.15 inches below average in the rain department and just a tad cooler than average for the month of April. Rainfall as of late Wednesday was 1.79 inches. I’ll be curious to see the April rain totals from our friends and neighbors.

Looking at May, it appears we will be drier than average. No worry; we will be keep busy looking at all those May flowers following April showers, right? The first day of May last year was hot, with a high of 88.

The high this May 1 will be about 16 to 18 degrees below that. May 2014 had plenty of showers, totaling 2.68 inches, nearly an inch above this month. We also squeezed in a 92-degree high last year. Can we do it again this year? Stay tuned.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at