Letter: Marketing tactic in poor taste





Since when is it the mission of the Humane Society for Southwest Washington to provide party-goers with a puppy or kitten fix, which they call a “Cuddle Squad.” This ill-conceived marketing ploy mirrors the puppy rental parties that are popping up in various cities, promoted by pet stores and puppy mill breeders. To see our local Humane Society initiate such a disturbing fundraising tactic signals a need for the board of directors to evaluate the principles of their paid staff.

Are shelter animals merely merchandise or are they potential family members? Does the Humane Society want thoughtful adopters ready to make a lifelong commitment to an animal or an impulse “buyer” who may have had a little too much champagne? Does the Humane Society wish to promote animals as entertainment or as a serious commitment that deserves devotion?

By renting dogs/puppies and cats/kittens as party entertainment, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington has more in common with a petting zoo than with the countless animal organizations who work to elevate the status of animals in our society.

I recommend that the Humane Society re-examine their mission and values, do away the “Cuddle Squad” and get back to the real work of representing homeless animals responsibly.