Letter: Gay marriage doom nonexistent



Back in April of 2012, I wrote a letter to the editor noting that the gay marriage fears were unfounded and the societal ills did not happen as forecasted by the opposition.

Fast forward now just shy of three years. I still am seeing none of the ills that opponents claim would happen. In fact, if anything, it has strengthened the institution. In fact, the divorce rate is lower in same-sex relationships than in opposite-sex ones, although I concede that the data is still new.

My husband and I continue to see nothing but acceptance and support everywhere in Vancouver. Every store, every festival, every walk. We are blessed by our church family, blessed by our own families, by our friends and acquaintances, and by total strangers who walk the city streets.

So the doom and gloom has not happened, and gay marriage has spread across the land as the doors of bigotry and rejection are kicked open. Americans are finally coming out of the closet.

Troy Haliwell