Weather Eye: Relatively mild temperatures, dry conditions to continue




Well, I have to tell you that there is nothing spectacular in our foreseeable future, weather wise.

Makes for an easy weather forecast: Areas of fog and low clouds with afternoon clearing in areas away from the east winds out of the Gorge. The whole county could remain clear like last week or western portions foggy like the week before. Hopefully not the latter.

A massive ridge of high pressure will dominate our weather for the next week or so and it will be dry. A few weak weather systems ride over the top at week’s end, but should remain far enough north to keep the drips and drizzle away.

The extended outlook into much of February continues our warm-and-dry trend. This translates to below-normal snowfall in the mountains. The snowpack around Mount Hood was only 42 percent of average as we started out the week.

Is winter weather over? Can you remove your studded tires and uncover your outside water faucets? Tough questions, considering this is still January. If we were to believe the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook calling for above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation, maybe so.

I know, I know, did I forget about last February when we had freezing cold weather and inches of snow? Should we put a fork in the rest of the winter, as KPTV weatherman Mark Nelsen would say? You never know about our fickle weather here in the Northwest. However, with the trend this winter I sure do not see a big change.

Oh yes, the faucets covers? We’ll have more freezing overnight lows for sure so keep them on or be ready to quickly cover up.