Weather Eye: Weather remains stuck in rut of dry with some sunshine, fog




Patrick Timm

More of the same is on tap the next few days, weather wise. Some sunshine, some fog or low clouds but basically dry weather. A storm, if I can call it that, will move through late Sunday into Monday with some rain and mountain snow above 5,000 feet. But nothing really heavy.

Computer forecast models for next week are at odds, with some predicting a strong ridge of high pressure and others with more rain inland. So you may see on those extended outlooks a broad brush of chance of showers all next week.

I think we’ll see how the Seahawks do Sunday and then focus on what’s coming our way! I looked at Mount St. Helens on Wednesday afternoon and it appears like it does in late May or early June, with lots of rock exposed. You can see the snow melting down the side of the mountain.

All the information I can find shows no sudden change to cold and snowy weather in the mountains like we had last February. The snowpack will remain meager. I know things can change but if they do, how long will it last? It seems like we have a soaking rain move through and then it dries out once again.

A friend asked me if we have a dry and mild winter what usually happens in the spring? Looking back at a number of years there is no clear scenario. But hey, the weather usually balances out. If we have a dry season another will be wet.

I see pussy willows popping out, spring bulbs shooting upward and visiting geese pecking away at the soil. At this rate the grass will be growing and the sound of lawn mowers will be in the air soon.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.