Woodland mom appalled that daughter received container of feces



WOODLAND — A Washington parent was shocked to find that a special delivery for her 8-year-old daughter was actually a container of feces.

KPTV-TV of Portland reports Woodland resident Jamie Villanueva found the package on her porch earlier this week. When the 8-year-old opened it, Villanueva said she first thought it was a container of ice cream.

On closer inspection, Villanueva discovered the container was filled with feces.

The package included a card from ipoopyou.com, an online company whose website says it deals in mailed deliveries of animal feces, as a gag or joke.

The site’s terms of use section states its product is not to be used for harassment or to embarrass another person.

The company is one of several sites to offer the feces delivery “service” online.