Letter: Take action against noise assaults




Loud exhaust systems are polluting the peace and quiet of our community. The noise comes from both motorcycles and automobiles with after-market modifications. They can be heard from 10 blocks away. When they are near, you cannot hear your TV above their screeching. They roar all hours of the day and night. It disturbs our tranquility. It stresses our nerves.

The perpetrators have no right to assault us; no man has the right to harm others. Destroying other men’s cherished peace and quiet definitely harms them.

Do you long for a serene environment? Isn’t it time for a public protest against loud exhaust systems? The perpetrators’ only defense is “I like to hear my loud exhaust.” Shouldn’t we take a stand against these assaults to our tranquility? Have you noticed that these assaults increase in loudness and frequency year by year? That’s what happens when a community fails to take action against such perpetrators.