Letter: Note Democrat presidential records




Joseph M. Massie’s April 13 letter, “Repeal Obama’s handiwork,” is fraught with the usual flag-waving then denunciation of President Obama, as well as Bill Clinton, as the “worst ever” presidents. Here are some facts.

No president since Franklin D. Roosevelt was handed a worse situation from Republicans under George W. Bush than Obama. It’s called the Great Recession. Bush and Republicans started with a budget surplus from Clinton and gave us $800 billion Medicare drug cost, $700 billion increase in government budget, $700 billion TARP bailout, $2.5 trillion added debt, and two wars unpaid for. That continued under Obama with $2.5 trillion, also. Why? Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, the majority which came in 2010. Except for 18 months, Obama has had a Republican Congress who controlled the budget.

“How’s that Obama thing working out?” Massie asks. Just fine.

Vote for a proven record — Democratic — not phony rhetoric from those who created the situation and don’t help fix it, Republicans.