Weather Eye: Look for cooler days to soothe your county fair sunburn




Patrick Timm

What wonderful weather for the first day of the Clark County Fair. Not too hot; about as it should be for early August. Clear, blue skies and sunshine were a bonus. Those of you who went, I hope you didn’t get a sunburn. I saw a few from friends on Facebook.

Not as much of a chance of sunburn the next few days as another pesky low-pressure system hangs up along the coast. Based on satellite pictures Saturday afternoon, we may get a few showers. At least it will be cooler with more marine clouds, and along with that comes higher humidity.

In some areas of Western Washington it was downright chilly early Saturday. Weather observer Tyler Mode of Battle Ground reported a low temperature of 44.6 degrees. It beat out the normal cold spots of Shelton and Olympia, which had 46 degrees. In downtown Vancouver, it was 53 degrees.

We have had no measurable rain and no 90-degree temperatures this month. We were close Thursday at 89 degrees. Some computer models hint of 90-plus degrees later this week, others in the reasonable 80s. That has happened so many times this summer as we look out five or 10 days in the extended forecast only to see the temperatures drop to near average as we get closer. So for now, we’ll just play the fiddle like the grasshopper and enjoy the waning days of summer.

Speaking of grasshoppers, I have seen several lately — and also a wary cricket or two chanting in the darkness. I also noticed many trees showing a glimmer of autumn colors — probably due to the dryness, but perhaps from our swings of warm and cool days.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at