Portland police kill armed man




PORTLAND — A Portland police officer shot and killed a man early Tuesday after he fired at police from an apartment and then came outside with a rifle, police said.

The man, in his 50s, died outside a duplex at Southeast 148th Avenue and East Burnside Street in the Glenfair neighborhood. Police didn’t release his name.

Officers had been called to the apartment about a disturbance at 10:54 p.m. Monday. Initial reports were that someone had fired gunshots, police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

At some point, a man at the apartment fired shots, Simpson said. “At least one officer hears bullets whizzing by,” he said.

Police then called the Special Emergency Response Team and Crisis Negotiation Team to the scene.

The man, meanwhile, was stepping in and out of the apartment. Officers tried to talk to him using a loudspeaker.

“At some point, he comes out with a rifle,” Simpson said. The tactical and negotiation teams weren’t in place yet.

The man with the rifle “gets away from the doorway,” and there’s some type of encounter, Simpson said. One officer fired, he said.

The man fell on the sidewalk along 148th Avenue. Police approached him, secured the area and let in medics to treat him but he was pronounced dead. A rifle was lying by him, Simpson said.