Letter: Select Cruz at Republican caucus




Washington State Republican Party caucuses will be Saturday, Feb. 20. Go to www.wsrp.org/caucus to find your local caucus location.

Please vote for Ted Cruz. He is a godly man who we can trust that he will do what he says when he is elected. As solicitor general of Texas from 2003 to 2008 he had several conservative victories in cases he brought to the U.S. Supreme Court, and as U.S. senator since 2013 he has stood up for conservative causes more than anyone else.

Donald Trump cannot be trusted. He says he is a conservative, but his record is anything but conservative. In his 2010 book, “Think Like A Champion,” he praised President Obama, called President Bush incompetent, and he has donated money to Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Rahm Emanuel.

Trump has called Cruz nasty, which would more likely apply to himself. He has used eminent domain to take other people’s property for his own private gain, and he says he has never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything. He is for single-payer health insurance. Who would he nominate to the Supreme Court?

Let’s learn our lesson from being fooled by President Obama and not take a chance with Trump. This might be our last chance to get it right. Go to www.tedcruz.org for more information.