Letter: Suspend sales after mass shootings




There is another mass shooting and another profitable quarter for the gun manufacturers. The very day after the Orlando, Fla., police department announced that a Sig Sauer semi-automatic weapon was used to kill 49 people and wound 53, a gun shop reported on the news that the sale of semi-automatic weapons at their shop at least tripled.

Under the law, gun manufacturers cannot be sued for their weapons’ being used in killings, but where is the outrage that they actually profit from mass shootings? Shouldn’t the press be asking the gun manufacturers how much profit they make after a mass shooting?

The National Rifle Association predictably always says after a shooting that it’s too early to talk about gun control. Would it be too unreasonable for the gun manufacturers to say it’s too early to sell semi-automatic weapons after a mass shooting and suspend the sale of such guns in the aftermath of a mass shooting? Can they put their obligation to a civilized society above their profits?

Remember Newtown, Conn.? Ever wonder what kind of sick lunatic needed a Bushmaster .223 caliber semiautomatic rifle the day after one was used by Adam Lanza to murder 20 innocent children?