Health advisory lifted for Lacamas Lake area




Clark County Public Health has lifted a no-contact advisory for Lacamas Lake and Dwyer Creek.

On Feb. 26, public health officials warned people and their pets to avoid contact with water in the lake and the creek, as well as water in Lacamas Creek, following a sewage spill in the 4700 block of Northwest Pacific Rim Boulevard.

Public health lifted the advisory for Lacamas Lake and Dwyer Creek on Friday after samples showed the water no longer posed a threat to the health of people or animals.

But health officials have left in place a no-contact advisory for a 1-mile stretch of Lacamas Creek between Dwyer Creek and Lacamas Lake. Sampling there still shows high levels of bacteria, according to health officials.

The city of Camas will continue to monitor the water condition in Lacamas Creek, and public health will issue an update when the creek no longer poses a health threat.