In Our View: Our Voting Guidance

Ballots must be turned in or postmarked today; here’s quick recap of races, issues



Today is Election Day, in case you hadn’t noticed. And if you were not aware of that fact, you might benefit from a reminder of the recommendations from The Columbian’s Editorial Board.

Throughout the campaign, the board met with candidates, studied issues, and made recommendations for the races and ballot measures. As we often stress, these are merely recommendations, designed to help generate discussion and inform the electorate. While we have our opinions, we trust the ability and desire of voters to study the choices (Find more editorials and videos of candidate interviews).

With races for president and governor and other high-profile positions on the ballot, many contests get lost in the shuffle. But we remind voters that it often is these down-ballot races — say, for county council — that can have the largest impact on their daily lives. In the end, we encourage voters to become informed and then to vote. Your country, state, and community depend upon it.

Statewide ballot measures

• Initiative 1433: No

• Initiative 1464: No

• Initiative 1491: Yes

• Initiative 1501: No

• Initiative 732: No

• Initiative 735: Yes

Federal offices

• President of the United States: Hillary Clinton (D) is the clear choice.

• U.S. Senator: Patty Murray (D), although Chris Vance (R) is a strong candidate.

• U.S. Representative: Jaime Herrera Beutler (R).

State executive positions

• Governor: Jay Inslee (D).

• Lieutenant Governor: Cyrus Habib (D).

• Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (R) is the clear choice.

• State Treasurer: Duane Davidson (R) is our preference, but Michael Waite (R) is a strong candidate.

• State Auditor: Pat McCarthy (D).

• Attorney General: Bob Ferguson (D) is the clear choice.

• Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz (D).

• Superintendent of Public Instruction (nonpartisan): Erin Jones, but Chris Reykdal is a solid candidate.

State Legislature

• 17th District Senator: Lynda Wilson (R).

• 17th District Rep., Pos. 1: Sam Kim (D).

• 17th District Rep., Pos. 2: Paul Harris (R) is an easy choice.

• 18th District Senator: Ann Rivers (R).

• 18th District Rep., Pos. 1: Brandon Vick (R).

• 18th District Rep., Pos. 2: Kathy Gillespie (D).

• 49th District Senator: Annette Cleveland (D) is the clear choice.

• 49th District Rep., Pos. 1: Sharon Wylie (D).

• 49th District Rep., Pos. 2: Alishia Topper (D).

Other races

• Clark County Council, District 3: John Blom (R), with Tanisha Harris (D) as a strong candidate.

• Clark County Council, District 4: Roman Battan (D).

• State Supreme Court: Mary Yu, Pos. 1; Barbara Madsen, Pos. 5; Charles Wiggins, Pos. 6.

• Public Utility District commissioner: Nancy Barnes.

• City of Vancouver, Proposition 1: Yes.