Crossroads Community Church pastor’s message of healing goes viral

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



“Love can bring this country back together,” said local pastor Daniel Fusco.

His message of love and unity in the wake of the contentious presidential election is resonating with thousands of people.

“Let’s be like God and let’s love people even if we don’t agree with them,” Fusco said in a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Fusco, the lead pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Clark County’s Walnut Grove neighborhood, records daily two-minute sermons that he posts on social media called #2minutemessage. After watching the fallout of the election results, he knew he had to preach about it. In Wednesday morning’s video Fusco noted that no matter who got elected, half of the country was going to be upset.

“It really got me thinking, so what do we do now?” Fusco said. “Our country needs healing and wholeness more now than it ever did. What we have in our world is we have a division. Our country is deeply divided. The Bible teaches, in effect, that pride divides but grace brings together.”

The video garnered 92,000 views by early Wednesday evening. Fusco doesn’t typically get that many hits on his #2minutemessage videos. He also recorded a popular pre-election video promoting a similar message; in that video he encouraged people not to put their trust in a single presidential candidate, but in Jesus Christ.

In Wednesday’s message he talked about Jesus as the “repairer of the breached, the one who brings people back together” and called for a movement of the love of Jesus.

“Jesus loves us not because He agrees with us. You don’t have to agree with someone, politically or otherwise, to choose to love them,” Fusco said. “Love is a choice that we make.”

This idea is deeply biblical, but also deeply human, he said.

Crossroads is a nondenominational Christian church and one of the largest churches in Clark County with 5,000 to 6,000 people who regularly attend. Fusco joined Crossroads in 2012.

More videos can be viewed on Fusco’s public Facebook page at