Letter: Presidential debate one-sided




In response to Eric Bjorkman’s Sept. 30 letter, it’s no “lie” that Lester Holt (a liberal journalist) was indeed showing his partisanship with his line of questioning to Trump.

His focus was on the birther issue, Trump’s being against the Iraq War, his unreleased tax returns, while nothing was asked of Clinton regarding allegations of pay-for-play with the Clinton Foundation, her lying to the FBI regarding her classified emails and her destruction of emails after they were subpoenaed, her lying to the American people regarding the Benghazi incident, or her insult to half of Trump’s supporters calling them “deplorables.”

The debate was as one-sided as I’ve ever seen. The only way a Republican can get a fair shake is have debates with two moderators — one liberal journalist and one conservative journalist. That way, the fact-checking can be equally disbursed.