Letter: Trump is unqualified, insufferable




As a white male of the same age group and upbringing as Dennis Bourdeau (“Nothing wrong with being average,” March 23, Our Readers’ Views), perhaps I can shed some light on why a woman of a certain age would call him and his friends “deplorable.”

He and his friends supported a man who mocked the handicapped, insulted and demeaned women candidates on their looks and body types, calling them nasty women. Donald Trump bragged about assaulting women because he is rich and famous. Claiming to be a Christian, he ran a campaign based on racism, hatred, sexism and fear. Neo-Nazi groups, white supremacists, and other right-wing hate groups including the KKK supported him.

He’s had numerous bankruptcies and has cheated many companies and workers, often driving them out of business. He makes outrageous claims and provides no proof, then blames others when proven wrong.

I commend and thank Bourdeau for his service, while his candidate got five deferments to keep himself out of the draft.

There could be pages written on how unqualified Trump is. The above are just a sad few. I love America, too, but she is about to be drowned by the GOP swamp.