Weather Eye: Sunshine, warm airflow help make today warmest day so far




Patrick Timm

I bet there were plenty of smiles on all the weather forecasters faces this weekend with the sunny skies and dry weather. I mean enough is enough. So many clouds, so much rain and so much chilly weather to last a long, long time.

It was chilly early Saturday with overnight lows in the 30s and some scattered frost. It took a while for the thermometer to inch upward even with the sunshine. Those puffy, white clouds looked somewhat ominous early Saturday, and I was holding my breath that there would be no showers.

I was breathing much better after lunch as many Easter egg hunts were underway. We should be around 61 degrees this time of the year; I think we were going to be close to that late Saturday. Today, with more sunshine and a warmer flow of air aloft, we should have our warmest day of the year.

You will notice high clouds increasing this afternoon ahead of a weak weather system that promises more light rain and showers by Monday. We have April showers slated for much of the week with Friday being a dry day. Does dry weather extend beyond Friday? Looking at weather data Saturday, I’m thinking not.

That elusive 70-degree day is still out there somewhere. This winter and spring have been so crazy I will have to take a few excerpts and twist it into my fiction writing. Plenty of unusual weather to write about under a shady tree one hot day this summer.

I mentioned that our summer weather is forecast to be cooler than average. When was that last 70-degree day in Vancouver? You must have a good memory as it was seven months ago, back on Sept. 29.

Meanwhile, as we wait with great expectations of those milestones this year, enjoy the dry and warm Easter Day.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at