Weather Eye: Sun is welcome but also fleeting

Weekend might see return of warm temperatures, sunshine




Patrick Timm

Well that sure didn’t take long to return to a cool, cloudy and somewhat wet day Monday, did it? We managed to get two dry days over the weekend without measurable rain, although a trace was reported in Vancouver just before midnight Sunday.

The other milestone is that we soared to a 66-degree high on Easter Sunday, the warmest day since Nov. 10. I placed two gold starts on the calendar for that one. Despite our temperatures mingling with 60 degrees, overall the April average mean temperature for Vancouver is still about 1 degree below normal.

With just under 2 inches in the rain gauge for the month as of Monday afternoon, we are also running above average in that department. I got to tell you, with all this rain this past season and the current April showers, look out in May for an explosion that should rock our neck of the woods with flower blossoms.

I was having brunch Sunday along the Columbia River and it is still running high and murky. Watching several tugboats pushing barges upriver, they barely made it under the structure without a bridge lift.

Looking down the road more unsettled weather with showers and rain will be upon us through Thursday. Friday appears bright and warm with maybe, hold your breath, our first 70-degree day! Is this an iron-clad guarantee? Uh, no. Maybe the weekend holds dry and mild too, but more cool showery weather will be crossing the Pacific and it just seems to like us. I mean two weekends in a row of fair weather? That would be impressive.

Weather forecasters at the National Weather Service are keeping a close eye on the thermometer, if it doesn’t reach 65 degrees or better today (doubtful) then it will be the latest ever that the Portland airport has not seen a 65-degree day. Records there go back to 1940.

Boy we are having all kinds of fun with the weather, aren’t we? I’ll report last month’s excessive rainfall from your friends and neighbors in Thursday’s column. Take good care.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at