Letter: Trump should be impeached




I’m asking you, the readers of The Columbian, does President Trump even care about anyone but himself? He just got through saying he doesn’t care what happens in Syria, and then he signs away our privacy and before that, he flushes Meals on Wheels down the tube. Also, he gave health insurance companies the go-ahead to eliminate 90 percent of what they used to cover, plus freeing them from the burden of paying taxes.

Does this kind of action appear to be from a man who claimed he’d be the greatest president we’ve ever had? Or does it appear to be the actions of an evil, conniving money-hungry businessman? You be the judge. I know what I think and I can’t put it on paper. Also, don’t forget his biggest lie, “I never met him,” in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin. When, in fact, several years before running for president he bragged about spending a week in Putin’s private lodge and having a great time. You can look it up.

He should be impeached.