Vancouver country’s 7th healthiest housing market




A survey from SmartAsset, a financial software and data company, found that Vancouver has the seventh healthiest and the third least risky housing market among the 100 most-populated U.S. cities.

In Vancouver, just 1 percent of homes experienced decreasing value; 4.6 homes had negative equity and people on average spent 11.4 years in their house.

With homes for sale averaging 23.5 days on the market, Vancouver also ranked No. 7 for ease of sale. Seattle ranked No. 1 in the country for ease of sale with homes averaging 17.6 days on the market. Nationwide, homes are on the market for about two months before they’re sold.

SmartAsset said the least risky housing markets in the country are Plano, Texas; Aurora, Colo.; Vancouver; Portland; Seattle; Irving, Texas; and Tacoma (in that order).

However, no West Coast cities made the nationwide top 10 ranking for affordability.

SmartAsset analyzed 2015 American Community Survey data for its survey.