Letter: Don’t sign on to I-1552




As a parent, grandparent, and concerned citizen I want to bring to your attention a discriminatory initiative. Initiative 1552 strives to remove years of protection for transgender citizens and students under the guise of a privacy issue.

Of concern to every citizen is the emotional well-being and risk of physical injury to transgendered students and also the enormous fines school districts must pay if transgendered students use the bathroom of their choice. The initiative requires your public schools to discriminate against transgender students by denying them the use of restrooms that are consistent with who they are and encourages other students to sue schools for a minimum of $5,000 every time they encounter a transgender student in a gender-segregated facility.

Who gets the $5,000? It’s the student who sues. Who gets to pay the $5,000? It’s you, the taxpayer. For the welfare of transgendered students and the school district I urge you to oppose this discriminatory initiative. If asked to sign the 1552 petition, please say “no.”