Letter: Jail should be punishment




Is there any consideration that those who are mentally ill and are assigned jail time should be in a completely different facility? The needs of the mentally ill should not be assigned to the entire jail population.

Are we looking into the naked punishment of jail time or the comfort of jail time? I am referring to the estimated millions in costs for the next 19 or 20 years for jail facilities (“Report on needed upgrades to Clark County Jail,” April 12, The Columbian). How much is projected for libraries, exercise rooms, visitation privileges, social events, television sets and other costs that could be eliminated?

I have lived in a military life which was more restricted and more inhumane than any jail in the country. “We don’t just lock them up” may be the wrong approach. If someone made violations against your mother or member of your family, would you want them to live in luxury during their incarceration? Think on this.