Letter: Support public schools




I urge readers to resist every effort by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to privatize public education. What a huge mistake this would be.

The public schools are a microcosm of society itself. They offer the greatest opportunity for understanding among members of every facet of a community. The whole concept of public education provides a foundation for a democratic system, working with others as one people.

I find no specific complaint in current private or parochial schools for those who insist that their children attend them. But using public monies (your taxes) to assist in paying for private schools pulls money from the most vital mandate for our society — equal opportunity for education for all citizens. Privatizing schools would separate us further into factions based (for starters) on potentially exclusive admission standards. The concept itself is a recipe for disunity, separation by class, race, ethnicity, and wealth.

This area does support public schools. Please be wary. DeVos and those who see the potential for big profits in privatizing schools will try to make it sound great. The result will not be good.