Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Mood, Janet Lynn and Dwayne Leo. Petitioner’s name changed to Kramer.

Perrine, Tessa Jo and Harmon, Daniel Glenn.

O’Connor, Alison Nicole and Patrick Glenn.

Stuart, Ellen and Tanner. Petitioner’s name changed to Zavalney.

Angstman, Timothy and Sands, Darian.

Williams, Kimberly Jean and Ryan Joseph. Petitioner’s name changed to Sidbeck.

Hickam, Lorraine Ann and Robert Lee. Petitioner’s name changed to Rose.

Hoseney, Elizabeth Ruth and Morris, Cathy Marzena.

Glover, Matthew Steven and Christina Marie.

Cucci, Matt and Caitlin. Respondent’s name changed to Plough.

Russo, Kellie and William II.

Koeuth, Jessica and Lada.

Newman-Wilson, Katrina Lee and Clark, William Anthony.


Barrows, Kristina and Richard Fiske.


Stockdale, Victoria Anne and Donovan J.

Warren, Bonnie Rae and Levy, Joey Jacob.

Negrean, Irina and Ioan Dan.

Davis, Juliette M. and Calvin L.

Marriage licenses


Berezhnoy, Timothy Aleksandrovich, 22, Battle Ground, and Ganson, Abigail Alexis, 22, Battle Ground.

Lowy, Shawna Michelle, 40, Battle Ground, and Risner, Daniel Ross, 39, Battle Ground.

Jackson, Sarah C., 32, Fullerton, Calif., and Panther, Louis Joseph III, 33, Garden Grove, Calif.

Raine, Frank Eldon, III, 36, Vancouver, and Duff, Lindsay Erin, 33, Vancouver.

Brown, Jennifer Rae, 44, Ridgefield, and Sanders, Derrik James, 37, Ridgefield.

Abudakar, Ibrahim Hasan, 44, Vancouver, and Khaled, Wafaa Husni Abou, 31, Vancouver.

Fitzgerald, Barry Dennis, 56, Vancouver, and Tibbett, Wesley Allen, 45, Vancouver.

Gress, Allison Jean, 31, Ridgefield, and Dixon, Dale Forrest, III, 36, Ridgefield.

Platt, Teresa Marie, 44, Newberg, Ore., and Gilmore, Ronald Stephen, Jr., 40, Newberg, Ore.

Seppala, Alexa Noell, 22, Battle Ground, and Campa, Joseph James, 26, Battle Ground.

Griffith, Robin Elizabeth, 26, Vancouver, and Brown, Jason Christopher, 30, Vancouver.

Caballero, Aisha Elvira, 33, Vancouver, and Mullin, Erinn Danann, 40, Vancouver.

Stratton, Jana Elizabeth, 31, Vancouver, and Long, Tad Edward, 32, Vancouver.

Bizjack, Melody Lynn, 34, Aloha, Ore., and Bentley, Thomas Michael, 35, Aloha, Ore.

Roberts, Kimberly Anne, 32, Battle Ground, and Foster, Robert Alan, 34, Battle Ground.

Lucke, Kayla Marie, 25, Vancouver, and Spears, Denver Douglas, 27, Vancouver.

Jordan, Crystal Lynn, 34, Vancouver, and Tingley, Joshua Paul, 35, Vancouver.

Rippeteau, Amie Catherine, 25, Portland, and Erwin, Nicholas Alan, 25, Portland.

Dyson, Karlee Renee, 22, Ridgefield, and Sixkiller, Matthew Christopher, 25, Ridgefield.

Batliner, Gary Alan, Jr., 34, Beaverton, Ore., and Calabrese, Angela Marie, 28, Beaverton, Ore.

Chipres-Alejandres, Eduardo, 25, Vancouver, and Ibarra, Denisse Zuniga, 24, Vancouver.

Cherry, Taylor Lynn, 24, Springfield, Ore., and Larson, Travis Jay, 24, Springfield, Ore.

Bartos, Dylan Patrick, 18, Vancouver, and Haynes, Emma Kaitlin, 24, Vancouver.

Castillo, Sherri, 45, Vancouver, and Mings, Christopher Scott, 41, Vancouver.

McConnell, Michael Francis, 30, Beaverton, Ore., and Lecomte, Emily Veronique, 27, Beaverton, Ore.