Letter: Trump supporters, lying is not OK




President Trump loyalists must have supported a huge sale on “blinders” as they appear to have turned a blind eye to Trump’s propensity to lie.

It’s hard to fathom how so many Americans can let slide the persistent lying by Trump. He has a constant need for validation of his policies, so he fabricates compliments. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto did not call Trump to congratulate him on his newest immigration policy — Trump made up the story to blow his own horn.

Same situation about the Boy Scouts National Jamboree when Trump stated the BSA called to thank him for his words. Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to cover for Trump that the phone calls did not exist.

Better get the blinders handy when Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury uncovers years of lies about Trump connections to Russia. And there is no evidence Mexico is going to pay for a wall if it is ever built — another ongoing boastful subject!

Lying is not acceptable, and this sets a terrible example for our young citizens that the president of the USA seems to have no moral scrutiny about fabricating the truth to boost his enormous ego. Where did we lose right vs. wrong?