Letter: Voters can have the final say




The residents of Clark County should be ashamed of themselves. They whine and complain that the county or city are spending their tax dollars foolishly. Well, I have the answer — people should get off their lazy behinds, get involved with their community and the people who they have elected to run it. Then take the few minutes that it takes to cast an educated vote. Yes, I said vote. If they cannot take the time to get involved, then they shouldn’t complain when their taxes are spent on things that they do not approve of.

Lou Brancaccio’s Aug. 5 “Press talk” column, “A need to build community,” could not have framed this problem better. Disinterest in our local community does nothing but contribute to the degradation of the quality of life that we enjoy. Please get involved; voters can have the final say if only they will take the time.