Vital statistics



Marriage dissolution


Alexander, James Scott and Bles, Trisha Lynn

Click, Brian and Sherry.

Gavrishov, Jacob Yakovlevic and Natalya A.

Lormendez, Jose Luis Viveros and Shannon, Lyn M.

Richardson, Jessica and Kyle.

Sutton, Mary A. and Jeremy J.

Worral, Tracy Jean and Craig Robert.

Marriage licenses


Baker, James Michael, 24, Vancouver, and King, Kasey Lee, 31, Vancouver.

Brasket, Tyler Thomas, 29, Camas, and Thomas, Sheridan Me’chela, 23, Camas.

Chuklanov, Daniel N., 22, Vancouver, and Petrienko, Elona, 22, Wasilla, Alaska.

Franklin, Eric Michael, 36, Vancouver, and Higgins, Victoria Leigh, 33, Vancouver.

Fletcher, Kristen Leeann, 20, Vancouver, and Schauer, Justin Ryan, 23, Brush Prairie.

Herrera Guerrero, Victor Omar, 27, Vancouver, and Mendoza, Amber Loraine, 26, Vancouver.

Kelley, Theresa Jean, 45, Ridgefield, and Ferrier, Kiley Blake, 48, Ridgefield.

Lovincey, Paul Lasean, 42, Vancouver, and Wooden, Rebecca Lynn, 45, Vancouver.

Maas, Andrey V., 36, Battle Ground, and Makharynets, Tatiana Gennadievna, 40, Battle Ground.

McQueen, Chad Alan, 29, Fairview, Ore., and St. Clair, Amanda Kristine, 28, Fairview, Ore.

Peters, Ricky Anthony, 25, Vancouver, and IronNecklace, Hayley Jean, 23, Vancouver.

Reese, Daniel Allin, 47, Vancouver, and Robinson, Candace Kay, 46, Vancouver.

Rojas Alvarez, Daisy Stephanie, 21, Beaverton, Ore., and Correa, Alexis Garcia, 22, Vancouver.

Thoreson, Jason Michael, 38, Vancouver, and Woon, Malaicah Grace Shalom, 34, Washougal.

Williams, Courtney Makayla, 22, Camas, and Kempf, Justin Douglas, 23, La Center.