‘Madam Secretary’ to return, ‘Genius’ won’t




You have questions. I have some answers.

Will the shows “Pure Genius” and “Madam Secretary” return? My husband and I really enjoyed them.

“Pure Genius” was cancelled after a single, short season. Its star, Augustus Prew, told TV Line: “I think we got caught between two different shows. I think CBS wanted something a little more procedural, and (executive producer) Jason (Katims) wanted something a little more character-driven. … We weren’t enough of either.”

I have better news with “Madam Secretary.” It will be back for a fourth season beginning Oct. 8.

 Will “Good Behavior” be back?

I keep getting asked about the TNT drama starring Michelle Dockery of “Downton Abbey.” TNT recently announced its return date: Oct. 15. At first life will seem to be better for Letty Raines, the thief and con artist played by Dockery, but TNT promises that things will go awry.

 For the last couple summers (I think) there was a show on about how alien bugs came to Earth, got into politicians’ ears and consumed their brains. They “took over” these politicians and it was hilarious! Tony Shalhoub was in it. Will it be back?

The series you remember was called “BrainDead.” It ended in 2016 after a 13-episode run that summer and early fall.

 What about “Divorce” on HBO? Any idea if and when it’s returning?

HBO has ordered a second season of the series with Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church as a couple whose marriage has fallen apart. I have not yet seen a premiere date for the new season.

 I always liked watching AMC but now instead of American Movie Classics they have “The Walking Dead” and other programs and very few movies. What a shame that what used to be a wonderful channel is now nothing but killing and depression. What happened?

Oh, where to start? While it began in 1984 as a commercial-free movie channel, American Movie Classics started having intense competition 10 years later when Turner Classic Movies and its sizable film library arrived. Saddled with a less impressive lineup than TCM, and little clout when it came to dealing with cable companies, American Movie Classics over time added commercials, changed its name to just AMC and started working on original series to become, as critic Alan Sepinwall put it, more than “the place to watch ‘The Godfather’ five times in a row on a Saturday.” The result was “Broken Trail” in 2006, “Mad Men” in 2007, “Breaking Bad” in 2008, “The Walking Dead” in 2010 and still more shows. With such programs came critical acclaim, new AMC viewers or both. Movies then became less important to it — much the way they did for other movie channels, such as HBO, Showtime and Starz as consumers had other ways to see films, but only one path to the networks’ original programs.

There was a show in the ’80s or ’90s. A guy drove around in a Winnebago. I think it was called “Johnny Winnebaga” or “Johnny Bega.” Elvis’ spirit would appear in every episode and talk to the guy.

You are thinking of “Johnny Bago,” which aired on CBS for eight episodes in the summer of 1993; from what I can find, only one had an actor playing Elvis. Peter Dobson starred as Johnny Tenuti, a man who changes his name while riding in a Winnebago to dodge both the law and the mob. You can find four episodes of the show on YouTube.