Letter: Nothing positive about president




It was a sad day on Aug. 3 when a letter appeared (“Trump’s message will be heard”), telling us all the positive messages of President Trump. In fact, there have been no positive messages — only lies, supposed fake news, poor court decisions, inept Congress, and the list goes on and on. Where are the positive signs? The only consistent things that come from the White House now are lies, bigotry, hatred, and narcissism.

It said that citizens won’t take time to study the issues. I’ve studied in-depth the rise of the Nazis in Germany. The comparisons today are eerily similar to those of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Trump blames the press and tries to stifle it. Trump blames the court system and tries to stifle it. Trump blames racial diversity and tries to change it. Maybe more people should study the rise of Nazis in Germany and talk of the berserk behavior, both then and now. Let’s be careful what we wish for because it may not be what it seems or what we hope for in our future.